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Cardiac function measurements by electrical cardiometry in 24-hour ultra-marathoners

	author = {Yu-Jui Chiu and Jian-Sing Li and Yu-Hui Chiu and Hsiu-Hua Lin and Ming-Long Chang and Wei-Fong Kao},
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	abstract = {Background: To investigate cardiac function measurements and athletic performance by Noninvasive Method with Electrical Cardiometry among elite participants in 24-hour ultra-marathon.
Methods: This is a prospective study, where twenty endurance athletes completed 24-hour runs on a 400 m track. Cardiac function measurements were taken a day before, immediately after the race and 24-hour post-race. All enrolled athletes than were classified into four groups according to (I) received intravenous hydration intervention or not, (II) total running distances greater than 200 km or not, (III) body weight (BW) change greater than 3 percent or not, and (IV) blood pressure (BP) declined over 10 percent or not. Both cardiac fatigue phase and recovery phase were than discussed in detail before all subjects divided into groups and after divided into groups, in order to assess cardiac function and performance.
Results: Before stratify participants into groups, cardiac fatigue phase of all subjects is represented by a decline in left ventricular ejection time (LVET) (P},
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