A real-time digital bedside card of emergency room: a new concept

Wen-Han Chang, Ming-Kun Huang, Jui-Ping Lin, Ding-Kuo Chien


>A traditional bedside card (Figure 1) is designed for patient identity and is positioned on the wall above bed board. However, we have noticed that the traditional bedside cards have been left unused in the emergency room (ER) due to the inconvenience of changing new patient information after the former patient was discharged or hospitalized. In addition, the bed card (Figure 1) in emergency departments is a small sticker (8×13 cm2) and is positioned on the bottom of bed. The card, a sticker, contains only basic information (name/medical record number/birthday). However, it is unknown why other information including diagnosis, admission date, and the bed number is usually blank. The ER nurses are possibly too occupied with patient care to fill out the bedside card and the bed card, and the card locations are typically not easy to access