New Journal Contract signed between AME Publishing Company (AME) and Taiwan Society of Engineering Technology and Practical Medicine (SETPM)

Published: 2017-07-31

We are thrilled to announce an exciting news - AME Publishing Company (AME) and Taiwan Society of Engineering Technology and Practical Medicine (SETPM) have launched a new journal, Health Technology, on July 20, 2017. This Contract is just the prologue of a series of future cooperations in academic field. Together they are going to ride on the crest of success in Medical Engineering research.

The cooperation was promoted by Mr. Stephen D. Wang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AME, Prof. Chii-Ruey Lin, the President of SETPM, Prof. Wen-Han Chang, the Secretary Head of SETPM and Vice Superintendent of MacKay Memorial Hospital, and Prof. Yu-Jen Chen, one of the Board Directors of SETPM and the Department Head of Radiation Oncology at MacKay Memorial Hospital.

SETPM is honored to have invited numerous outstanding international researchers to serve as Associate Editors-in-Chief, including Assistant Prof. Chih-Hao Chen – supervisory thoracic surgeon in MacKay Memorial Hospital, expert in image technology and Vice President of SETPM, as well as Prof. Ho-Chiao Chuang - Department Head of Mechanical Engineering in National Taipei University of Technology, et al.

AME was born with passion for academic research and the eagerness to change the world. In a similar manner, SETPM was founded in hopes of combining technology and advanced medical technique for patients and helping those in need with high-quality Engineering Technology.

The common goal between AME and SETPM is to set up a professional journal congregating talents from high-end technological sector and medical field that craves for clinical experiences by establishing an interdisciplinary platform. With the combination of R&D and innovations in science and technology, it will help step into the market of medicine. The collaboration between both sides rests on the open door to fresh blood with mutual dream for the bright future.