Alvaro Della Bona, DDS, MMedSci, PhD, FADM

University of Passo Fundo, Brazil

Dr Alvaro Della Bona is senior professor and Dean of Dental School, University of Passo Fundo (UPF), Brazil. He is a dentist graduated from UPF with a PhD training in Materials Science and Engineering by the University of Florida, and post-doctorate in Tissue Engineering by the University of Michigan. In addition, He’s got his Master of Medical Sciences degree in Restorative Dentistry from the University of Sheffield, UK and his specialty in Esthetic Dentistry and Occlusion from the University of Texas, Health Science Center of San Antonio. Ex-President and Fellow of the Academy of Dental Materials, he has served as chair for many International Association for Dental Research (IADR) committees, and in the editorial board of many international journals. He has authored more than 200 scientific papers and books with a best-seller on dental ceramics. His research ranges from cell biology to biomaterials application in Dentistry.