Yi-Shing Leu

Director, Department of Otolaryngology of MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan

Yi-Shing Leu was born in Hualian County of Taiwan in 1964. He received the medical degree from Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan in 1989 and the Consultant as Head and neck surgeon after full course training in Department of Otolaryngology of MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, in 1995. He had been an Assistant Professor of MacKay Junior College of medicine, nursing, management in 2003 and MacKay Medical College in 2012. He also nominated as Chairman of Institute Reviewing Board (IRB) in 2014 and Head of department of otolaryngology of MacKay Memorial Hospital in 2017.

He was awarded of Award of Excellence in International Congress On Oral Cancer (ICOOC) in 2001, Award of professor Shih-Mien Tu’s excellence in otolaryngology-head & neck tumor of Taiwan in 2005, Excellence paper in International College of Surgeons of Taiwan Section in 2006 and Annual Excellence paper in of Taiwan Otolaryngological Society in 2012. He is a famous head and neck surgeon in Taiwan with medical and specialties in ENT oncology and speech pathology.

Terms of Appointment: Oct 2017 - Sep 2019