Jyuhn H. Ke, PhD

Secretary in General, International Society for Oral Laser Applications, Taipei, Taiwan

Secretary in General, SOLA (International Society for Oral Laser Applications)
CEO, Asia Pacific Laser Institute (APLI)
Chief Editor, Laser Dentistry in Taiwan
Associate Professor, National Taipei University of Technology

Dr. Ke is one of the pioneers in Taiwan in the field of Laser Dentistry, while at the same time is still one of the leaders in mechanical engineering. The depth of his expertise were manifest this May when he gave a plenary talk at the 2017 Annual Congress of APLI on Er:YAG applications in veneer and crown removal, in front of an audience of several hundred participants, and a spellbinding lecture to outline the fascinating development of innovative techniques in laser cosmetic dentistry. It was a masterpiece of exposition and research.

It is very rare to find somebody as strong in research as Dr. Ke, who at the same time is a superb organizer. Dr. Ke has organized many important conferences, in addition to the APLI Congress since 2007. He has served as the CEO for APLI for the last 11 consecutive years. He was appointed Secretary General for SOLA (International Society for Oral Laser Applications) after successful hosting the 2013 World Congress in Taipei. All the conferences chaired or co-chaired by Dr. Ke are paradigms of perfect organization. He emerged as a true leader in his field in more than one sense.

Dr. Ke lectures extensively at Dentistry programs throughout Taiwan, China and many Asian countries. He has been training dentists in academic centers within the last 18 years. He also has been invited and keynote speakers at numerous conferences of many international professional societies. Not only is he the chief editor of 29 volumes of “Laser Dentistry in Taiwan” and co-editor of “Laser Dentistry 101”; but also a gifted teacher, and superb organizer.

Terms of Appointment: Sep 2017 - Aug 2019