Wen-Han Chang, MD, MHA, DrPH

Vice Superintendent, Department of Emergency, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan

Wen-Han Chang was born in Taiwan, ROC in 1963. Graduating from TaiwanProvincial Taiwan First Senior High School in September 1982, he received his medical education from Chung Shan Medical and Dental University from September 1982 to June 1989. He worked toward his Master of Health Administration degree from September 1997 to June 2000 and also got his Doctor of Public Health degree from July 2000 to May 2006 at Saint Louis University, USA.

Wen-Han Chang is now also to be the roles of vice superintendent of “MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taiwan”, the director of “Emergency Department, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taiwan, ROC”, the secretary General of “Taiwan Society of Engineering Technology and Practical Medicine, Taiwan”, the executive director of “Society of Geriatric Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Taiwan, ROC”, the director of the “Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Taiwan, ROC”, vice president of the “Association of Child Development Education, Taiwan” and the executive director of the “Association of Emergency Medicine, Taiwan, ROC”.

However, he had been ever to be the director of the “China Association of Large-Sized Activities and Emergency Medicine First Aid, Taiwan, ROC”, the secretary general of “Taiwan Society of Geriatric Emergency & Critical Care Medicine, Taiwan”, the supervisor of “Formosa Association for the Surgery of Trauma, Taiwan” and the trustee of the “foundation of “Chin-Yin Education”, Taiwan, ROC”.

Wen-Han Chang has also been an instructor at the following institutions: Department of Healthcare Administration at National Taipei Science University (since 2000), Mackay Nursing College (since 2001) and, the Advanced Cardiac Life Support Committee, Taiwan ROC (since 1996). He also published three Chinese-language handouts on child development (2001, 2002 and 2003).

Wen-Han Chang is a specialist in the fields of surgery, emergency medicine, Geriatric Emergency and Critical care, critical care and trauma. Working in the emergency department of the Mackay Memorial Hospital since 1999, he is also good at the fields of hospital quality, clinical pathways, patient safety, trauma team, health management and emergency education committees. He published over 100 international papers for different SCI journals in these years, and was invited to be the reviewer for many international published journals. Additionally, he was also the editorial executive secretary for the “International Journal of Gerontology” and to be the editor for the “Journal of Acute Medicine”. It is worth to mention, Wen-Han Chang has been the Taipei Fire Department’s medical consultant for over 14 years to build a whole connected webs of emergency transportation in Taipei. He emphasizes that research education is very important for staff and students, and believes that it success to pay attention to details and working harder.