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Using intelligent, interactive LED lighting systems in the development of medical care for the elderly

	author = {Shang-Lin Hsieh and Chien-Hsuan Huang and Shou-Chuan Shih and Wen-Han Chang},
	title = {Using intelligent, interactive LED lighting systems in the development of medical care for the elderly},
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	abstract = {Background: The age-related decline in vision among the elderly can lead to a reduced ability to adapt to glare stimulation, no longer being able to identify all parts of the chroma and taking longer to adapt to changes of light. This reduced vision can hinder the elderly’s activities, thus affecting their lifestyles. Figuring out how to assist the elderly through improving their lighting, especially to keep them from falling or colliding with things in general or whether in hospitals and nursing homes, has attracted considerable attention in the medical community.
Methods: A room was designed with adjustable lighting so elderly patients could find a visually comfortable level of light. The subjects had been collected in those equipped room between 1/1/2010 and 12/30/2010. At the start of the experiment, a questionnaire was administered in the fever observation room of the Mackay Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. This was used to understand how the lighting affected the patients. Another focus of the experiment was to save energy by using light-emitting diode (LED) lamps, which use less energy and can be configured to easily adjust their brightness. Considering medical staff and patients cannot be in a space with glare for extended periods, they have a higher need for an antiglare solution. Glare was reduced by using an intelligence lighting-control system (ILCS) by LED lamp, which has an array of light sources, equipped with a diffuser plate. 
Results: Most patients were satisfied with the lighting environment created by the LED lamps. Among the 200 randomly selected patients, 92.5% of patients preferred the LED lighting to (P},
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